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Can You Study an MBA without a Business Background?

Get a complimentary 2-week online prerequisite study to prepare you for our MBA Online programme when you meet the entry requirements.


A Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree has become a highly coveted asset that offers far more than just a certification. An MBA degree gives you comprehensive business acumen, critical thinking abilities, and invaluable leadership qualities that can potentially boost your career goals. 

However, for a bachelor's degree holder in a non-business field, the prospects of pursuing an MBA may seem daunting due to one’s limited business knowledge.  

This is where HELP University Online's complimentary 2-week prerequisite study for our MBA Online programme offers the necessary foundations.

Who Can Benefit from an MBA?

An MBA can lead to a myriad of opportunities for career advancement and personal growth. HELP University's MBA Online programme is designed for driven professionals seeking to take their careers to new heights. It caters to individuals who:

  • Want to accelerate their career growth and advancement into leadership roles across industries 

  • Need to acquire comprehensive business, problem solving, and management expertise as they transition into new executive or managerial roles 

  • Aspire to become more well-rounded business leaders capable of spearheading strategic initiatives 

  • Desire to expand their professional network and learn from experienced faculty and peers 

  • Plan to leverage an MBA to pursue entrepreneurial ambitions and establish their own ventures 

  • Aim to gain a competitive edge in the job market by differentiating themselves with an advanced MBA degree

Bridge the Gap with Prerequisite Study

Nevertheless, many prospective MBA students feel they lack the necessary business foundations due to their non-business academic backgrounds and roles. Fret not, our prerequisite study bridges this gap.  

Our MBA Online programme allows those who have a Bachelor’s degree in non-related fields with a minimum CGPA of 2.00, and ​without relevant working experience to enrol ⸺ provided that they pass the complimentary MBA prerequisite study of business and management.

This complimentary 2-week online prerequisite study is for students who:

  • Holds a bachelor's degree in a non-business field, with a minimum CGPA of 2.00, and 

  • Has no relevant working experience

During the 2-week prerequisite study, you'll gain a solid grounding in vital MBA subject areas. Topics covered include:

  • Finance 

  • Marketing 

  • Strategic Management 

  • Operations 

  • Human Resources

You can get a personalised eligibility check with our Education Counsellors here.

Embrace Your Future with Confidence

Perhaps you took a bachelor’s degree in science, and you have no relevant working experience in the business field.  

Rest assured, the MBA Online’s complimentary 2-week prerequisite study is designed for individuals like you who aspire to learn essential skills and pursue a business or management role, even if you come from a non-business background.

How to Apply for MBA Online Prerequisite Study

Applying to our MBA Online programme and accessing the prerequisite study is straightforward.

  1. Get an eligibility assessment: Email your resume and academic transcripts. If applicable, send in your IELTS test results. 

  1. Chat with Education Counsellors: Meet our experienced Education Counsellors to address your eligibility concerns and academic goals. 

  1. Submit your application: Once your eligibility for the programme is confirmed, you'll be ready for application.

Upon your enrolment with HELP University Online, you'll receive access to the prerequisite materials. Complete the complimentary 2-week prerequisite study assessments and you’ll be ready to begin your Master of Business Administration with us. 

Want to find out more about our MBA Online, the complimentary 2-week prerequisite study, or your eligibility? Schedule a consultation with our Education Counsellors now.