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How to Withdraw EPF Account 2 for MBA Tuition Fees

Fund your MBA studies with EPF Account 2’s education withdrawal. Learn more about the eligibility criteria and application process.


We know that pursuing a postgraduate degree or higher education, such as an MBA, can be a significant investment for your future career growth and personal development. According to EPF, higher education serves as a valuable tool for upgrading and refreshing our existing knowledge base and core competencies

However, if you’re worried about the tuition fees, withdrawing from your Employees Provident Fund (EPF) Account 2 to finance your studies could be an option.

What is EPF Account 2?

EPF Account 2, also known as Akaun Sejahtera, is a retirement savings account managed by EPF in Malaysia. Individuals may choose to withdraw from their EPF Account 2 for pre-retirement needs, such as education, housing, health, insurance, Hajj, and more. 

If you're looking to withdraw from your EPF Account 2 to fund your postgraduate tuition fees, you'll need to meet certain eligibility criteria set by the EPF. 

Besides financing your own tuition fees, you can also make a joint withdrawal with your spouse to finance your spouse’s tuition fees. This is great if your spouse is looking to further their studies but may not have enough in their individual Account 2.  

You can make a withdrawal:

  • every semester or academic year; or 

  • within 3 years from the course ends/ quit/ failed date for outstanding payments to be settled with the higher learning institution 

Now, here are the other key criteria and supporting documents to note before withdrawing from your EPF Account 2 for your tuition fees.

What You Can Withdraw

  • Total tuition fees/ outstanding education loan or entire savings in Account 2 (whichever is lower) 

  • Tuition fees and charges imposed by the higher learning institution or outstanding loan amount 

  • For Certificate Level 3, withdrawal eligibility only applies to tuition fees, subject to the total savings balance in Account 2   

Who Can Apply

  • Malaysians and Non-Malaysians below 55 years of age that have savings in Account 2 

  • Currently pursuing or has completed Certificate Level 3, diploma or higher (academic/ professional/ skill-based/ vocational study) 

  • Studying at local institutions (full-time, part-time, distance learning, and franchise programmes) 

  • Institutions abroad (full-time programmes) 

  • Those who did not receive any sponsorship/ loan for education or only received partial sponsorship/ loan for education (full sponsorship/ loan are not eligible for education withdrawal) 

What You Need to Prepare (Supporting Documents)

  • MyKad OR original identification document. 

  • Proof of Acceptance, course offer letter, and proof of qualification to enrol in the course 

  • Course recognition or accreditation letter 

  • Payment receipt of tuition fee from the higher learning institution 

  • Form KWSP 3 (Pindaan) – for mail submissions/ failed thumbprint verification 

  • Proof of relationship (if the applicant is not a student) 

  • Proof of study: copy of the latest examination result (second year onwards) 

  • For refund application: Interview form and bank passbook/ savings account statement/  current account statement/ verification letter of account holder’s details from bank/  account holder’s details 

Do take note that submission of the Form KWSP 9H (AHL) and copy of identification documents/MyKad is required via mail or representative. 

You’ll also have 2 payment options, which are: 

  • Payment to member: If fees have been paid to higher learning institution (with condition that the receipt does not exceed one (1) year from application date) 

  • Payment to higher learning institutions: To settle outstanding tuition fees 

Remember, you’ll need to login into your EPF account to submit your application and start the process.  

Begin Your MBA Journey Today 

Funding your MBA studies with an education withdrawal from your EPF Account 2 can be a practical solution, but it's essential to carefully review your financial status, eligibility criteria, and application process. For detailed information, we encourage you to visit KWSP’s official website or have a free consultation with our Education Counsellors.  

If you're interested in learning more about our MBA Online, please visit the programme page.  

Note: This information is obtained from the official KWSP website, and it's accurate as of 20th May, 2024.